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New - A Coney Island of the Mind [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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New [Aug. 15th, 2004|10:23 pm]


[mood |okayokay]
[music |german punk cover of 'Wonderwall']

Hello. I am new here. I am Hannah.

Eggs and Coffee for you?

soaked in amniotic sauces
sprinkled with the savory arsenic-red spices
from Asia, which your poor fat cook
pours on in cultureless indifference,
flick of blue-veined wrist.

Eggs, where we had furrowed our brows
over debates on abortion and suicide,
before we were inhibitionless Epicureans
concocting formulas for capitalism.

obese Marys in white suburban nightgowns
hairpins tight, Sunday morning America
fleshy lips devour placenta
the blow-job salute to the beginning of life
enough for the whole litter.

Eggs, turquoise layers
jaundice unbirth, Biology's wrath
crooked legs, slime dripping down his chin
carnivorous lust
the fluidy enterprise.

We never gave them the chance to be helpless,
was my main concern
as the greasy construction worker
barrells on to the washroom,
drops his overalls,

and we're all reaching
for more.

beige entrails of morning
bands of evaporation on mahogany,
hugging the nuclei of white teeth
and anchoring in the sunrise.

Mild secretaries like theirs with cream,
a milky brew that barely stains
white sweaters, circling red fingernails
round the axis of a mug--

And their rumpled counterparts
enjoy it black
strong and jaded and always
wearing a four-o-clock shadow
nevermind the time of day, or whether
the subway's on its last stop.

The containers boast of Hispanic maidens,
blackhaired and grinning
comb-toothed grins
carrying the secret of humility
in canvassy skirts with colorful stripes,
gray mountains proudly
tucked behind;

Unkempt college students refer to it
in slang, addressing it vernacularly
and tenderly as murmers to a lover.

Because it is no easy feat
to remedy 5 AM, and lighten the rings
beneath his eyes, with splashes of cream--

And sex, death and coffee
will always soothe our souls
in the murkiest of hours,
and the darkest, darkest nights.

[User Picture]From: starlighttears
2004-08-17 08:05 am (UTC)
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